Why generating code ?

SAAS softwares are usually composed of the same set of features. Things such as authentication, authorization, creating & listing items, forms, or even higher level features, such as comments, chat, graphs. As a result, 80% of the code across all SAAS apps is the same. Of course there may be variations, because people use different technologies, and they don’t write code the same way, but it’s doing the same features.

In computer science, the primary way to make reusable code is through libraries. Though they may simplify things, it still takes a lot of time to hook every thing up together. People usually prefer to code everything from scratch to get higher control and flexibility over their features.

We keep re-coding the same basic things over and over again (authentication, forms, creation, listing, filtering, etc.) to be sure we’ll have the flexibility to do whatever we want with them. That’s where the idea of Compoze came from. If these features are common enough, there should be a way to generate their code instead of typing everything by hand.Once the code is generated, you can add code manually, or pay someone to do so, to build the features that are really specific to your business, just like in a normal codebase.